• Quality services
    Atlantides Travel, part of Atlantides Group, having a long presence in the tourist field, has managed to establish a reputation of high qualified and effective professionals. Our Tourist Office, known to the shipping field as well, cooperates with numerous shipping companies worldwide.
  • Professional Team
    Our Tourist Office, consisting of highly educated and experienced professionals, offers services which meet the travelers’ expectations. Our competitive prices and the high-standard services earn the trust and strengthen the bond with our clients. Our global network enables us to offer extremely low cost choices for all travelers to choose from.
  • Business Travel Demands
    Our Tourist Office handles effectively any kind of request and can meet the expectations of both business and leisure travelers. Our experienced personnel understand the needs and demands of the travelers and can handle smoothly the most difficult and last minute requests.
  • Covering your needs
    Our Tourist Office offers tickets for all type of travelers with different fare conditions. All necessary information, terms and conditions are offered during the booking. Our qualified personnel are always at the travelers’ disposal for any requirement and information. Referring to the crew, we are ready to offer a 24/7 service for the ship crew transportation and repatriation at any time.